The Twelve Prayers of Co-Dependents Anonymous

Step One Prayer

In this moment, I do not have to
control anyone, including me. And if
I feel uncomfortable with what
another person is doing or not doing,
I can remind myself that I am
powerless over this person and I am
powerless over my compulsion to act
in inappropriate ways.

Step Two Prayer

In this moment, I can believe that I
am never alone; I can experience the sense
of freedom that having a Higher Power
offers me. I can remind myself that
believing is also an action, and
if I am willing to practice it, one
moment at a time, I will
develop faith.

Step Three Prayer

In this moment, I can choose my own
Higher Power. I can set aside all the
old beliefs about who I am not and
be who I amóa child of God. I can
remind myself that a faith in a Higher
Power becomes a faith in me, and
that my recovery lies in being true to
myself and to my Higher Power

Step Four Prayer

In this moment, I am willing to see
myself as I truly am:
a growing, unfolding spiritual being
resting in the hands of a loving God.
I can separate who I am from what
Iíve done knowing that the real me is
emergingóloving, joyful, and whole.

Step Five Prayer

In this moment, I will acknowledge
myself for doing what was most
difficult for me. I will rest in the
accepting presence of my Higher
Power. I know I have deepened my
commitment to the journey of recovery
by opening my self and my heart to a
fellow human being.

Step Six Prayer

In this moment, I am entirely ready
to be freed of all my shortcomings.
In this moment, I am ready to
surrender these defects of character
to God, knowing that the power of
willingness to heal is great.
Each new Step I take in my recovery,
no matter how small it may appear, is
an affirmation of my wholeness.

Step Seven Prayer

In this moment, I ask my Higher Power
to, remove all of my shortcomings,
relieving me of the burden of my past.
In this moment, I place my hand
in Godís, trusting that the void I
experience is being filled with my
Higher Powerís unconditional love
for me and those in my life.

Step Eight Prayer

In this moment, I see the impossible
become not only possible, but real.
As I forgive myself for my
shortcomings, I am able to forgive
others, opening the way for a true and
lasting change in my behavior.
Thank you, God.

Step Nine Prayer

In this moment, I trust my Higher
Power to guide me in making sincere
and honest amends. In this moment,
I experience my gratitude for
Co-Dependents Anonymous and the
Twelve Steps of recovery, knowing
that as I am willing to live this
program, share the fellowship, and
walk with God, I am free.

Step Ten Prayer

In this moment, I live my life in a new way.
As I continue to open my heart and
mind, little by little,
one day at a time,
I reveal my true self,
mend my relationships,
and touch God

Step Eleven Prayer

In this moment, I quiet my thoughts
and open my mind and heart to Godís
guidance for me. In this moment, I
feel the gentle peace that conscious
contact with God allows. If I am
troubled and in doubt or joyful and
serene, I turn to God. I know my path
will be revealed and the way to my
highest good will be made known.

Step Twelve Prayer

In this moment, I thank God for my
spiritual awakening. In this moment,
I choose to live all the principles of
this simple program. I know the
wisdom working through me will
touch all I meet with Godís
love and understanding.
I am at peace.

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